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HIS Staff

Faith Geronimo
President and CEO
Colleen Yasuhara
Chief Operating Officer
Michelle Geronimo
Human Resources
Novena Saludares
Data Quality & Control
Gay Rapisora
Data Quality & Control
Gordon Inouye
Data Quality & Control /
Technical and Customer Support
Michael Torres
Project Manager
Jasen Katagihara
Software Development Supervisor
John Takaezu
Rosalie Char
Member Services Coordinator
Jeffrey Poentis
Accounting Supervisor
Vi Chu
Accounting Clerk
Cierra Nakakura
Sales & Marketing Specialist
Sharlene Fujisato
Sales Associate
Luke Nemy
Web Designer
Robert Lau
Technical and Customer Support
Raun Ohama
Technical and Customer Support Supervisor
Brandon Yee
Technical and Customer Support Specialist
Shay Arakaki
Data Entry & Audit Clerk


Gregg Petch
Data Specialist
Tim Martin