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Customize Your IDX

How to change the styling (through CSS)

You can submit the URL of your own CSS file and we will insert it into your site for you. You can then write your own CSS and control the styling of the IDX yourself. Email the URL of your CSS file to our support team and we’ll link it into your site for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submitting your CSS file will cause the original CSS to be completely wiped out. HIS suggests that you copy the existing CSS to your CSS file and then manipulate it from there if you are making small changes.

How to create custom links

You can create custom links to immediately run pre-made specific searches in your idx. For example:

Single Family Homes in South Kohala between $600k and $650k

The corresponding URL will look like this:<YOURIDXID>&island=3&District=36&form=RES&minprice=600000&maxprice=650000