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Fields that can be queried (Templated IDX)

Templated IDX

There are more fields available and we will continue to add fields as they go live. As you are using the IDX, you’ll be able to view the source HTML code, and you’ll be able take the “NAME” attribute of the fields you see and use them to construct your links or your quicksearch form.

Field Name GET Name Values Required Notes
Your Unique Identifier idxid string YES this value will be included when you sign up for service. Submitting the wrong IDXID will cause your IDX to malfunction, or display the wrong agent’s branding.
Subdivision subdivision string no
Minimum Bedrooms minbeds integer no
Maximum Bedrooms maxbeds integer no
Minimum Price minprice integer no do not include commas or dollar sign
Maximum Price maxprice integer no
Island island integer maybe required when specifying district, subdivision, and project name.island=1 ==>Oahuisland=2 ==>Mauiisland=3 ==>Big Isleisland=4 ==>Kauai
District District integer maybe these are the numerical values of individual districts and is derived from the taxkey number. This number is the first two digits in the taxkey. For example, the district of North Kohala has a value of 35 while the district of Lihue has a value of 43. in order for this field to be correctly pre-polulated in the select form, you need to also include the island value.Big island:

  • Puna – 31
  • South Hilo – 32
  • North Hilo – 33
  • Hamakua – 34
  • North Kohala – 35
  • South Kohala – 36
  • North Kona – 37
  • South Kona – 38
  • Kau – 39


  • Waimea – 41
  • Koloa – 42
  • Lihue – 43
  • Kapaa/Kawaihau – 44
  • Hanalei – 45


Subdivision subdivision string no This is the official spelling of subdivisions in the public record. You can submit partial spellings of your subdivisions. For example: “Hawaiian Para” for “Hawaiian Paradise Park”. The IDX will search for properties where subdivision contains the string “Hawaiian Para” ignoring capitalization. In order for this field to be correctly pre-polupated in the select form, you need to also include the District value and you must spell out the entire subdivision name. While searching using partial names will work, auto-populating the subdivision name in the subdivision field box requires you to spell out the entire subdivision name, and use correct capitalization.
Condo Project project string no This is the official spelling of condo projects in the public record. In order for this field to be correctly pre-polupated in the select form, you need to also include the District value. Like the subdivision field above, partial spelling will work for searching but in order for the condo project field to correctly pre-populate in the form, the full spelling must be used along with correct capitalization.
Minimum Bathrooms minbaths integer no
Maximum Bathrooms maxbaths integer no
REO/SS/Preforeclosure ssreopf string no ssreopf=any ==>any statusssreopf=none ==>do not include REO/SS/PFssreopf=RL ==>REO ONLYssreopf=SS ==>SS ONLYssreopf=PF ==>PF ONLY
Property Type form string no form=RES ==>Single Familyform=CND ==>Condoform=LND ==>Vacant Landform=COM ==>Commercialform=MTF ==>Multifam;It is possible for one property to have multiple property types. However, you can only query one property type at a time, or all of them at once.
Sort By sorttype string no default is sort by price. available options:sorttype =
pricesorttype =
propty_id ==>mlsnumbersorttype = changed ==>date/time of last data change
Sort Direction sortdir string no default is desc. available options:sortdir =
desc ==>descendingsortdir = asc ==>ascending
Results View resultview string no default: list. available options:resultview=listresultview=map
Listings by a specific Agent listorid integer no type in the id number for the listing agent
Listings by a specific office officeid integer no type in the id number for the listing office
Oceanfront oceanfront char no NULL==>ANY
Y==>Only oceanfront listings
N==>Exclude oceanfront Listings
Property View view string no here’s what a “select” box would look like:<select name=”view”><option value=””>Any</option><option value=”BY”>Bay</option><option value=”CA”>Canyon</option><option value=”CI”>City</option><option value=”CM”>Cemetery</option><option value=”CO”>Coastline</option><option value=”DH”>Diamond Head</option><option value=”FR”>Forest</option><option value=”GA”>Garden</option>

<option value=”GC”>Golf Course</option>

<option value=”MR”>Marina</option>

<option value=”MT”>Mountain</option>

<option value=”NA”>None</option>

<option value=”OC”>Ocean</option>

<option value=”OH”>Ocean Horizon</option>

<option value=”PA”>Pasture</option>

<option value=”RV”>River</option>

<option value=”SR”>Other (remarks)</option>

<option value=”SS”>Sunset</option>

<option value=”SU”>Sunrise</option>

<option value=”WT”>Waterfall</option>