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What’s the difference between a video/virtual tour, a virtual showing, and a virtual open house?

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Video/virtual tours – Recorded, static on-demand presentations of a property. A virtual or video tour can be a simple video slideshow, a produced walkthrough of the property, or even an interactive 3-D model (like Matterport). Here’s how to add them to your listings.

Virtual showing – Earlier this month, ShowingTime introduced the ability to set up virtual showings. A virtual showing is a private, live online video conference arranged between listing agents and buyer’s agents, similar to arranging a showing at the property.

Virtual open house – A live, online video version of a conventional open house. It’s a scheduled event where the listing agent hosts multiple buyer’s agents and potential buyers to review, discuss, and ask questions about the property.

  1. Upload your video to a video hosting service such as Vimeo Plus, Wistia, Sprout, Vzaar, Cincopa, or Brightcove.
    Do not upload your video to YouTube. YouTube and some other sites display content that is not allowed in public sections of the MLS.
  2. Configure your video so that your information or other content that is not allowed does not show. If you have Vimeo Plus, please see our configuration guide.
  3. In REsearch, use the Tours tool in the Listings Menu to attach your configured video link to your listing.
Yes, you may use the Copy tool in the Listings Menu to copy data from another listing. You will be able
to review and update any information if necessary.

Please note that photos and other attachments need to be re-attached.
  1. Withdraw the listing (W status) or wait for it to expire (X status).
    Do not Temporarily Withdraw (T status) your listing.
  2. Wait 30 days from the date the listing was withdrawn or expired.
  3. Create a new listing with a new MLS listing number.
  4. On the 31st day or later release your new listing.
    Do not use the Back on Market tool. Using the Back on Market Tool will keep the original MLS number and the DOM will resume count from the date that the listing was taken off the market. You need to create a new listing for the days to begin at zero.
    Do use New Listing or the Copy listing tool on the Listing Menu.
Withdrawn (W) – There is no pending escrow or purchase agreement on the property. The property has
been withdrawn from the MLS by the listing broker and is no longer available for showing. The listing
will not automatically expire in the system.

Temporarily Withdrawn (T) – There is no pending escrow or purchase agreement on the property, but
the property is temporarily unavailable for showing. The listing will automatically expire according to the
expiration date in the system. Please note that T status cannot be used to reset the DOM.
Days while the listing is in Active (A) or Contingent (C) status are added to the DOM.
Days while the listing is in Under Contract (U), Withdrawn (W), Temporarily Withdrawn (T), Preview (P),
Hold (H), Expired (X), Sold (S) status are not added to the DOM.