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In The Know / For Brokers & Agents

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In The Know™ is a campaign developed by the Council of Multiple Listing Services for the benefit of its MLS members and their agents and brokers.

Consumers benefit from the the MLS.

Let’s help them understand how and why.

The time to have that conversation is now. Take the campaign materials below and use them to unlock a new conversation with consumers.

Research Shows

  • 24% of consumers have only a vague idea of what the acronym MLS means
  • 25% of consumers think it means “Major League Soccer”
  • 76% of consumers have “no idea” how the MLS benefits them

The Campaign

Getting consumers to understand the MLS requires us to pull away from industry-speak and get to two powerful truths:

  1. The MLS provides the bedrock of information that millions of people depend on to make smart real estate decisions.
  2. The vast majority of home sales happen through real estate brokers and agents working together on the MLS, not because of portals, websites or apps.

The MLS is how consumers, through their agent or broker, are In The Know™ about real estate. What’s for sale? How much do I offer? How much is my house worth? Brokers and agents, using the MLS, have the answers.

The Opportunity

As an industry, we rely on the MLS every day. It’s how we monitor what’s happening across the market; how we cooperate to get sales done; how we offer compensation. We know how valuable the MLS is, even if we often take it for granted.

But we can’t take it for granted any longer. If we want to preserve the efficient real estate market it creates, we need to educate consumers about how the MLS benefits them.

Those benefits are real and strong. And consumers understand them when they are explained in non-industry language.

Ready-to-Use Campaign Materials

You’ll notice that the campaign highlights how the MLS helps you deliver benefits to buyers and sellers. This is a story about the MLS, but you are the hero. The MLS unlocks a facet of your value you may not have thought to share before. Now you can. Let’s do this!


Clear and compelling, these are great print or email pieces.


Downloadable logos, social copy, and graphics you can use the promote the campaign (and yourself).


Templates you can modify to show sellers who you use the MLS to serve them.


Loads of ideas, scripts, and email templates you can use to enhance your business.


Great for emails, on your website or on social.


Shows how you use your MLS membership delivers big benefits.