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MLS Special Frequently Asked Questions

$675 is $75 off the regular annual price of $750 which represents a 10% savings. 

This is the TENTH year that we have been offering this special. 

This annual payment covers the service period of 7/1/2024-6/30/2025. 

The form is required so that we have your written acknowledgement of the terms and conditions that are detailed on the form. NOTE: If you opted into the MLS special last year in 2023 and elected auto-renewal for this year you do not need to complete a form for this year unless your information has changed. 

You can find it online at or we can provide it as an attachment via email if you send a request for the form to 

Our mailing address: Hawaii Information Service 680 Iwilei Rd. #670 Honolulu HI 96817 

You can send us a voided check and signed form securely online via ShareFile at this link: ShareFile 

We have record of what payment method you were on prior to taking the MLS special last year. If you don’t take the special, you will just be billed the regular annual price according to whatever your prior payment method was. 

If you return the form and your payment for the special postmarked by the deadline of 6/24 you can disregard any other billing notices or invoices that you receive. Your account will be updated to reflect the special rate. 

As is always our policy per the terms of the MLS Subscriber & License Agreement we do not provide refunds or credits for unused service. 

At this time, special pricing applies only to MLS service. If you have any other services with us please pay your bill as normal. 

A paid invoice receipt will be provided upon request to 

For ACH payments you may specify a preferred payment processing date by entering it in the “Payment Date” field on the MLS Payment & Order Form, but that date cannot be later than the end date of the special June 24 2024. Payment will be processed upon receipt if no date is entered. For check payments, checks will be deposited as they are received. For those who elected auto-renewal via ACH, you will be notified in advance of the processing date for your payment. 

For fastest response please email us at Due to the higher than normal call and email volume that occurs during this time please allow 24 hours before attempting to contact us again.