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Client Reviews

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“Please continue to use HIS/TMK services. I’ve been using them for many years and so far, “they are the best”! It’s easy to navigate, they have more detailed information, and when I need help their Support Team is on it! Using the County website is too complicated. Mahalo.”

—Fran Potter, Pali Kai Realtors®

“I have been in real estate on Maui for over 30 years and have used Hawaii Information Service for all those years. When the county of Maui put their property information on line, I tried to use it but I feel the Hawaii Information Service web site is very superior and much easier to use. I have always encouraged our broker to continue his subscription to this service. I want to continue to use the TMK service and not the county real property web site. “

—Elizbeth Carter, Realtor Broker Pali Kai Realtors®

From left to right: Elizabeth (Betsy) Carter – RB, Fran Potter – Office Manager,Kathleen (Kathy) Worley – RB & Co-Owner of Pali Kai Inc., Realtors, James (Jim) Worley – Principle Broke


“I have been using Hawaii Information Service for over 30 years. The amount of information that is obtainable about both properties and property owners is extensive. Hawaii Information Service not only provides a wealth of information, but it does so in a very organized, easy to read, user friendly printout. I always print out the TMK Long version before meeting with any seller to list their property. The “Format” drop down menu is also very useful. I always include, permits, sketches and loans when researching any property. I also use their site extensively when creating mailing lists for neighborhoods. In my opinion, this site is far far superior then using Realist with Matrix. Essentially, there is no comparison. I would strongly recommend this site to any agent who specializes in listings.”

—Leonard W. Couzijn, RE/MAX Honolulu

Leonard Couzijn

“TMK is the easiest user friendly public records system that I’ve seen anywhere. I’ve spoke with many appraisers over 16 years, and it’s the best one I’ve ever seen.”

– Jerry Warren, MNAA

“Our firm uses Hawaii Information Service on a daily basis to research property information for our clients. The up-to-date and comprehensive data that Hawaii Information Service provides is invaluable and allows us to timely and efficiently service our clients’ needs.”

– Chun Kerr LLP

Group Photo of Chun Kerr LLP

“We LOVE the TMK service, and truly cannot live or originate loans without it! It helps us to get the very specific information that we need on our clients and their properties. It helps us put them in the best financial situation possible.”

– Jolene Yee, Academy Mortgage Corp.

Jolene Yee of Academy Mortgage Corp.Alan Yee of Academy Mortgage Corp.

“I like HIS because it is easy to use, covers the entire state, and can give me access to the property data on all the islands.”

– Andrew Rothstein, MAI

Andrew Rothstein of MAI


“Partnering with Ian and Michael to build my website was a fantastic experience! They are helpful, patient, efficient, and are true experts in their field. The team genuinely cared and took the time to listen to me and work with me to customize my website exactly to my liking. The process was extremely organized and straightforward; I could not be happier with my website and the support I received before, during, and after the completion of my website.”

– Tamsen Bates

“Hawaii Information Service did a phenomenal job creating our website. Ian, Colleen & their team are so incredible to work with. We now have a beautiful site catered towards the luxury market, a task not easy to accomplish. They are extremely responsive, hard working, receptive, & most important: easy to work with. I am so thankful for this wonderful team!”

– Blake Kessner, Knutson & Associates

“Working with the website design team at HIS was an absolute pleasure. From helping us work up a fresh design concept with custom features, to their patience in dealing with adding extras along the way, they guided us through the process seamlessly. If you are looking for an affordable real estate website with an IDX feed, HIS is the natural choice.”

– Rick Shaw, Coldwell Banker Island Properties | July 2020

“I continue to partner with Hawaii Information Service to develop web sites that showcase my business and present an optimal platform to engage with customers and clients. There is tremendous value in working with the HIS team where, time and time again, I depend upon their organized professional talent who aptly keep a keen eye on the mission, budget and deliverable of a high functioning site. My most recent site: is a testament to the quality of home grown talent that live right here in Hawaii.”

– Hannah Sirois, Kauai Heritage Portfolio/Elite Pacific Properties | Jan. 2019

“Our experience working with Hawaii Information Service was characterized by a real sense of partnership. They cared about our business, and worked diligently to reflect our story and branding into the site design. We felt supported every step of the way by professionals who were attentive and fun to work with. Many thanks to Gail and Ian for their guidance.”

– Kathy Ingoglia, Aloha Realty Group LLC | Nov. 2019

“WOW, I just had to stop and take a moment to thank you ALL for getting my website up and running. I am in awe of how easy it was to work with your team as the thought of creating my own website was daunting. Special thanks to Tim for the great introduction/presentation on building my website and Gail for putting it all together ~ I love all your special touches and YES putting the testimonials on my intro page was perfect. BIG SHOUT OUT TO YOU ALL! GREAT JOB!”

– Cindy Regli, LUVA Real Estate | Mar. 2019

“We have had a great relationship with the HIS team. We really could not have gone from nothing to a website to now a digital platform without them. I am heartened and so, so grateful that HIS never walked away from us through all our starts and stops … and there were many! HIS was always patient with us, and they have worked with us to reach this major milestone in the Herald’s history. This is a great leap forward for the Herald.”

– Karleen Chinen, The Hawaii Herald | Jan. 2019

“I’ve always relied on HIS for their phenomenal data, accuracy of the same and service. Therefore, as a long-time subscriber, I can attest to the value of Hawaii Information Service’s product. Just this year I committed to expanding my relationship with HIS by engaging the company in the development of a new web site. My prior experiences in web site development have been less than stellar and demanded hours of engagement from me. Not with HIS! The team was organized from day one, embraced my vision and delivered my new web site on time and with great guidance. Mahalo to HIS for all that you do for a real estate professional.”

– Hannah Sirois, Kauai Heritage Portfolio/Elite Pacific Properties | Oct. 2017

“When we started out on this journey of creating a new website we definitely were ‘newbies.’ We had a vision of what we wanted our website to look like and thanks to the amazing staff at Hawaii Information Service our vision has become a reality. Your guidance, creativity, patience, and dedication throughout this project was key to creating such an amazing website. We have received great feedback regarding our new website. We cannot tell you THANK YOU enough for the amazing website and the additional business it has created. We have been slammed but loving every minute!”

– Peggy Yuan, Lava Rock Realty | Oct. 2017