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Condo Guide

Beautiful photo of the exterior of a large house facing the ocean

Ad for Condominium Guide now available at HIS
Now online, you can easily access and utilize condo information from anywhere you have an internet connection, for all of your business needs.


  • Redrawn plans are easier to read
  • Current photos for most projects
  • Expanded data sheets, floor plans and plot plans wherever available
  • Easily print, email, and share information, or incorporate it into your own presentations

Condo Guide with MLS of Choice

  • State-wide Condo Guide Online
  • List Property for sale on Kauai and the Big Island
  • View Listings on Kauai and the Big Island

Condo Guide with TMK – Public Records

  • Search public record data for every real estate parcel in the state of Hawaii.
  • Add Condo Guides to TMK Service.
  • Quick and Easy Setup

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