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IDX allows you to display all active listings in the MLS on your real estate website! We have three levels of IDX for you to choose from: two raw data feeds and one templated option. Your webmaster will be able to tell you which type they prefer. If you are not sure which type of service you need, chances are you’ll best be served by the “Templated IDX” described below.

Raw Data Feeds

This service is pretty much what it sounds like. HIS provides access to the MLS data which your webmaster will then need to pull in to your website. Once that data is in your website, you and your webmaster will be responsible for designing and presenting the MLS data in any way you wish. This option is NOT “plug-and-play ready” and will require a developer to integrate. As such, additional costs may be incurred with your selected webmaster/developer.Raw data feeds include RETS IDX and RETS VOW below.


Grow Your Business – Internet Data eXchange


Grow Your Business – Internet Data eXchange

Need more details?

  • A method of delivering MLS listing data to an app or website controlled by a participant
  • It is presumed that participants in the service agree to allow other participants in the service to display their listings in their own websites or apps.

Article 10 of MLS Rules and Regulations

Please download the following PDF to see NAR’s updated IDX policies.
NAR’s 2015-IDX-Policy
  • Who are participants?
    • The Principal Broker
      • –“Participation in IDX is available to all MLS participants engaged in real estate brokerage who consent to display of their listings by other participants.”  ~ MLS Rules 10.05
    • Salesperson may have IDX with participant’s

Article 10 of MLS Rules and Regulations.

  • Participants may only display data on websites or apps that they control.
  • What does “control” mean?
    • A reasonable consumer will believe that the site or app belongs to the participant.
    • The participant can directly manage the site or app, its content, and which listings to display.

Article 10 of MLS Rules and Regulations

  • Yes – An IDX is needed to display or access ALL listings.
  • No – if you want to distribute YOUR OWN listings.
    • Syndication partner
    • Separate entry
Phone: (808) 599-4224 x4

Templated IDX

The templated IDX is a page that is hosted by HIS that is branded for you, the subscriber. Your contact information will be prominently displayed on this page, and all user correspondence will be directed straight to your inbox. This “Plug-and-play ready” IDX service is then embedded on your site in a similar way that you may embed a youtube video. This templated IDX is a great first-step to providing MLS searching on your website. A more customizable option comes in the form of Raw Data Feeds.

Full IDX

Grow Your Business – Internet Data eXchange

Full IDX Support Page


Keep in mind that the data for all of these IDX services are subject to the MLS rules and you (the agent/broker/subscriber) are the licensee and are responsible for making sure that all the rules are followed. HIS does NOT license the data to any vendor so if you come across a vendor that says that they already have the data and can sell you services without you getting a license from HIS, please know that they are not correctly representing HIS to you. You do need to contact HIS for a license agreement and there will be licensing fees to HIS for access. If you have any questions or are not 100% clear on anything, please contact us and we’ll be happy to clarify any ambiguities.