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Platinum Certified Logo for RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization)RETS IDX – Real Estate Transaction Standard – is a tool that allows you to query the MLS data on demand.  That means, your data freshness is limited to the capabilities of your webmaster.  Want daily updates? no problem.  Want updates every fifteen minutes?  sure thing.

We do ask that you follow “Best practices” and not bog down our server.  If your access to the service is taking up too many resources and is slowing down service to other subscribers, we will shut down your service and give you some time to remedy the problem.

RETS IDX allows you to have access to the “active inventory” of the MLS.  According to the MLS rules, this includes all A and C listings, and excludes all other statuses.  Check out our RETS support page for a link to a list of all fields in the RETS IDX feed.